Quick and safe disinfection to maximize protection from infection
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Public safety has become a major trend in recent months. We have developed a solution for mass antiviral disinfection in crowded areas.
How it works
When a person enters the tunnel, a motion sensor is triggered and the disinfection process starts
Disinfectant spray starts dispersing from several nozzles under high pressure, as an extremely fine mist. That technology allows to disinfect every targeted area, even the most difficult to reach ones. The processing time is about 5 seconds. Thus, throughput is over 500 persons per hour
Elimination of viral particles from clothing, skin and hair occurs during passage through the tunnel.
Disinfectant mist leaves no trace on clothes. It dries out completely in a few minutes.
The nozzles system we developed disperse a disinfectant into many tiny particles, which form a very fine mist.
Mist solution is the most effective, comfortable and safe way of sanitizing. This has been proven in the study*

 — Рeople are sanitized completely from head to toe. Disinfectant reaches even very hidden niches.

 — Mist keeps surfaces dry, which ensures no harm for people skin and no damage for surfaces
* „Fine Sprays for Disinfection within Healthcare" G.G.Nasr, A. Whitehead and A.J.Yule
Aqueous solutions of ~0.5% sodium hypochlorite is a strong antiseptic that kills most forms of bacteria and viruses. It does not leave toxic residues, is inexpensive, is fast-acting and harmless. It is even used to cleanse wounds in order to prevent infection (known as "Dakin's solution")

Any harmless disinfectant with antiviral activity can be used as a solution. A number of agents are fit to be a solution basis.

— Chlorine dioxide;

 — Alcohol (not recommended due to its flammability);

—Quaternary ammonium compounds.
Mobile and easy
Assembly according to the attached manual instruction is very simple. It can be completed within two hours. The cabin is lightweight (86 lb /39 kg/) and can be moved easily to another location
This is ensured by a low flow rate of disinfectant solution: 10−30 ml per 1 person. One full tank refueling provides 10−12 hours of sanitizing.
Energy consumption is 0.5 kWh
The tunnel is quite compact. Its overall dimensions are 9 ft (2.15 m) in height, 4 ft (1.2 m) in length and 4 ft (1.2 m) in width.
It takes up little space and can be placed in almost any lobby
Since sanitation starts automatically, a person avoids contact with the surface of the cabine, which may contain viruses.
The process of disinfection takes several seconds, so that does not cause queues and crowds
Our equipment is certified, meets safety requirements and quality standards
Simple construct
Frame is covered with a strong and durable banner fabric. It could be personalized with your logo or custom print.

Tank for disinfectant solution with capacity of 120 l
Top-down nozzle line
(6 nozzles)
The motion sensor at the input of the cabin, which initiates the disinfection process
The basis of the construction is a strong metal frame. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, simple to transport.

Dimensions: Height — 7 ft (2.15 m), Lenght — 4 ft (1.2 m), Width is 4 ft (1.2 m)

Disinfection mat
Who needs this?
Use of disinfection tunnel will benefit your business by increasing your clients' credibility and loyalty
Shopping malls
Beauty salons
Restaurants & Cafés
Worldwide recognition
Sanitizing gates are used in many countries
South Korea
Own production
We are DI Group, an international engineering and manufacturing company.

We have developed more than 50 high-tech products in various sectors including medicine, robotics, IoT, VR, AR, vending and automatization of production processes
Vending machine for bank cards storing and issuing
Interactive app-connected sandbox with augmented reality technology
Desktop reactor for chemicals automated mixing with an electronic control system
Milk vending machine with UV-disinfection module and mobile report
Media about us
RIA Tomsk
Apr 18
"Moneta" Tomsk company (is a part of DI-Group) started to manufacture disinfection tent tunnels. They can be used in crowded places, reported the project manager Darya Shaorshadze to RIA Tomsk.

Disinfection cabins are designed for use in shopping centers, factories and government agencies. Other cities of Russia were also interested in the new product. Items will be shipped there within two weeks.
RIA Tomsk
May 13
Eight sanitizing tunnels, produced by one of the Tomsk companies, have been installed at the entrances of the Government of Tomsk region, Mezheninovsky poultry farm, and a hospital, reported the project manager Darya Shaorshadze to RIA Tomsk.

The new product was of interest not only for Tomsk consumers but also for other ones across Russia. The company also managed to supply its disinfection cabins to other regions of Russia and Belarus.
Rossiyskaya Gazeta
May 15
The production of cabins for mass disinfection started in Tomsk city.

The first cabins for antiviral protection have already appeared in the Tomsk government, hospitals, and the local poultry farm. "They have been installed at both entrances of the building. It is required for every employee and visitor to pass through them," said Alexei Sevostyanov, a representative of the Tomsk regional government.

Is the cabin designed for outdoor use? Is it necessary to connect to electricity?
In general, our cabin allows only indoor placement. But in practice, we have an experience of outdoor installation. Electricity connection is required in any case.
Does the clothes get dirty by the disinfectant?
No. Products we have tested make no marks on the clothes.
Is a disinfectant solution harmful to a human? What should allergic people do passing through the tunnel?
Desinfectant solution, being correctly prepared, is not harmful. Most of them are described as follows:
"Premixed solutions are not hazardous by the chemical classification through inhalation exposure. They perform no skin-resorptive and sensitizing activity. Ready-to-use solutions have no sensitizing or skin-irritating effect. Being sprayed, they might irritate eyes' mucous membranes and respiratory tract."
In any case, we advise you to place a recommendation for people to hold breath and close eyes while passing through the disinfection cabin.
How is delivery, installation and service carried out?
We deliver via logistic companies of your region.
Installation can be carried out independently by two people. Only a screwdriver will be required. It takes about 2 hours. Detailed assembly instruction is included.
No special cabin service is required. You need only to monitor disinfectant solution level and wash the nozzles once a week.
Will puddles form in the cab when used?
No, there will be no puddles. Using a high-pressure unit allows processing with minimal moisture formation. Moreover, the kit includes a mat that absorbs moisture and serves as an additional barrier to viruses.
Do you have a registration certificate?
Our equipment is EAC certified.
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